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Relocation & IT Moves

The easy solution to your IT moves

When relocating to a new office, minimizing downtime is critical. Moving computer network and PCs presents a special challenge.

NIT relocation services reduce the workload on internal staff and ensure that moving process is completed on time. There are a few questions you should consider when planning to move your computer network and workstations to a new office.

  • What would it cost your company if everyone's personal computer went down for just one day?
  • Is there adequate cabling in the building or will it need to be installed?
  • How many network servers will you be moving? Do they need to be upgraded?
  • How many PC or workstation will you be moving? Will you be adding new workstations?
  • How many printers will you be moving? Will users be printing to a different printer in the new office?
  • How can you minimize downtime?

NIT can provide your company with cabling service as well as networking to help ensure that the job will be done on time.



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