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The Business Environment

For companies with five to 1000 users who no longer want to rely on their own IT infrastructure, Our external IT provides all of the functions and stability of a Fortune 500 IT department in a single outsourcing service. We cater to organizations that either do not want an IT department, or want their in-house IT staff completely unburdened from day-to-day IT work. By outsourcing your IT you remove your dependence on servers, software, computers, and support personnel. Everything is delivered and fully supported from our secure data center.

Perhaps your company is making an effort to introduce new technology to streamline some business functions. Although senior management has stated that the movement to the new technology will not lead to reductions in staffing, some employees feel their jobs may be in jeopardy. Those employees, fearing the loss of their jobs, might decide that taking steps to cause the technology to fail is in their best interest.

Today, organizations both public and private are turning to their IT professionals to complete an ever-growing and more complex agenda. Across a wide range of activities-next-generation networks, post-merger integration, the rapid rollout of new products and services-their skills and knowledge are critical to the success of the organization. That's why current performance issues with the IT workforce have gotten the attention of senior executives in almost every industry.

But years of relentless cost-cutting have left many companies and government agencies vulnerable when it comes to the ability of their IT workforce to meet organizational goals. The percentage of projects delivered on time and within budget remains low. In many cases, morale is low as well.

In short, CIOs are finding that the management and development of their IT workforces is as vital now as any of the more traditional technology-based measures and areas of focus.

All the strategies, and all the savings generated from Network Infrastructure Technology (N.I.T) initiatives such as server and data center consolidation, will not translate into business value unless the workforce is both enabled and engaged in the critical work of the organization. Ultimately, the performance and business impact of IT cannot improve unless execution improves. And execution, in the end, depends on how well the IT workforce performs.

This is where NETWORK INFRASTRUCTURE TECHNOLOGY (N.I.T) comes in as both experienced IT support and an objective consultant to make sure IT-driven organizational goals are met.



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