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It's not just IT it's NIT

Why Outsource Your IT needs:

There’s a lot of value in outsourcing some of your Information Technology needs and especially the implementation and management of your network infrastructure.

  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Greater Expertise
  • Continuity & Reliability


We all know that businesses operate in cycles with periods of intense activity and others where it seems like most employees have nothing but time on their hands. Rather than pay an expensive salary + benefits to a team of full-time staffers, why not develop a relationship with a specialist who will learn your needs and goals and update and manage your computer network as needed and only charge you for the work you need done; not the work you thought you might. 

Greater Expertise

There’s always some anxiety when you outsource work, after all you want to see results that will eventually affect your bottom line. NIT’s management and technicians all come with years of experience setting up a broad range of network infrastructure solutions. This broad background provides a greater base of knowledge from which to pick the exact right solution for any type of business.

Continuity and Reliability

As an outside company with its own infrastructure and systems in place, NIT is able to provide complete Customer Relationship Management where you and any number of chosen employees can log into a personalized online system that shows you the entire history of your network and allows you to get help or request new services at any time. This complete transparency makes a whole new level of decision making possible. Not only do you have all of this documentation available without having to store it—but you free yourself of the problem that haunts so many IT departments: turnover!



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