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NITConnect's Mobile solution for Healthcare Providers

The global work force is becoming more mobile. The demands for secure and robust anytime/anywhere connectivity has led many companies to deploy Windows Mobile®-based solutions.

The healthcare industry faces relentless pressure to reduce costs while delivering excellent patient care. Healthcare providers have traditionally relied on paper-based processes. Streamlining these processes and converting paper records to electronic data is complicated by the remote nature of patient care and mounting concerns over patient privacy and data security.


The world of work has evolved beyond the confines of the office and now requires anytime/anywhere access to data, colleagues, customers, and suppliers. Independent market analyst IDC estimates that as many as 878 million workers worldwide, or approximately 27 percent of the work force, will be considered mobile workers by 2009.

The healthcare industry is challenged by persistent demands to contain costs while delivering the highest quality patient outcomes. Nowhere on the industry value chain are these challenges felt more acutely than by the service providers. Several industry trends continue to put pressure on healthcare providers' bottom lines while providing additional impetus for changing "business as usual":

  • Reductions in the rate of reimbursement from payers
  • Increasing expenses
  • Concerns over patient safety
  • Push for electronic health records
  • Concern over sharing and security of patient data

To address these issues, healthcare providers are increasingly looking at clinical information technology solutions. Many healthcare providers are turning to wireless devices to enable technology solutions. NITConnect's Windows Mobile-based solutions have been deployed and are generating clear return on investment thanks to the manageable up-front cost of the devices, ease of integration with back-office systems, and security capabilities.

NITConnect's Windows Mobile-based solutions help providers cope with declining reimbursement rates by enabling clinicians to easily access low-cost treatment options (such as generic medications) specific to a patient's medical needs and payer criteria. Physician order entry (POE) processes using Pocket PCs reduce errors in coding treatments, ensuring that the patient receives the intended care and the provider receives the correct reimbursement. These solutions are particularly useful in enabling the patient safety advantages of computerized POE processes because they can be integrated seamlessly with the clinician's existing treatment processes. Reduction of duplicate data entry and error correction increase clinician productivity and reduce administrative time and expense.

The mobile devices integrate with healthcare provider back-office systems to access electronic patient records. The data and device security features of the NITConnect's Windows Mobile-based solutions meet the strict Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) standards for transactions and rules for data privacy and security.

Impact Of NITConnect's Windows Mobile for Healthcare Providers

Healthcare providers feel acute pressure to maximize the safety of patients while minimizing the costs of service delivery. Meeting these objectives requires that healthcare providers have ready access to patient history, insurance data, and diagnostic and treatment information, as well as the ability to capture, record, disseminate, and save patient information.

Value Chain

  • Patient data
  • Medical history
  • Insurance information
  • Dialog
  • Observation
  • Data collection
  • Tests
  • Specimens
  • Knowledge base
  • Experience
  • Procedures
  • Tests
  • Prescriptions
  • Treatment records
  • Prescriptions
  • Insurance information

Remote healthcare

Many clinicians must diagnose patients and track conditions and outcomes of patients in remote locales. Lack of access to information at the right time can result in inferior patient outcomes and increased treatment costs. NITConnect's Windows Mobile has enabled innovative solutions to enhance care of remote patients while increasing provider productivity.

NITConnect's Windows Mobile Improves Remote Healthcare

Healthcare workers and patients using Windows Mobile can improve the diagnosis and treatment of patients at home and in remote locations.
Issue Benefits of Windows Mobile Key Performance Indicators
Diabetic patients remotely recorded test results on paper, and physically delivered them to physicians every week or two
  • Test results reported daily
  • No need to transport hard copies or physically visit the clinic
  • Reduced clinic visits by 90 percent
  • Improved patient care and outcomes
Need to collect and access patient information from remote locations
  • Notes taken electronically are available immediately
  • No need to transport hard copies and type later
  • Improved data quality and reliability
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced training costs

Windows Mobile-based solutions are generating significant benefits for many healthcare provider organizations. These mobile solutions help healthcare providers reduce costs by increasing practitioner productivity and enabling access to information when and where it is required. The solutions are enabling the economical conversion of paper-based processes to computerized processes without the need for duplicate data entry in support of electronic health record initiatives. The robust security features of NITConnect's Windows Mobile software support the patient privacy and data security requirements of HIPAA legislation while improving remote patient care.

Windows Mobile offers a rich platform, supported by powerful development tools like the Microsoft® Visual Studio® development system that integrate tightly with enterprise-scale server tools like Microsoft Exchange Server and SQL ServerT. The familiar Windows interface helps reduce training requirements and eases user adoption.

NITConnect and Microsoft have many resources available to help healthcare provider organizations identify the benefits that they can realize from Windows Mobile-based solutions.

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