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Computer Network Support for Enterprise

You may think that since your company exceeds 1,000 computer users, you need a full-time onsite staff. Think again. Computer network support for big business can be outsourced. According to a recent study 26% of all organizations plan to increase their outsourcing of software development, while only 5% plan to decrease their use. IT outsourcing is, in fact, most popular among large companies - not SMBs. The trend today is that large companies are reluctant to add IT staff perhaps because of fluctuations in the need for IT personnel - remember the dot-com boom and Y2K and the resulting cutbacks in IT spending and staffing? Years of cost-cutting have left many corporations helpless when it comes to the ability of their IT workforce to meet organizational goals.

Your company's computer network support cannot be left to chance. Network Infrastructure Technology's team of IT professionals can handle your computer network support on a grand scale. Whether you want to modernize your infrastructure, eliminate risk, streamline your services, or simply cut costs and get the most from your IT investment we have the equipment and know-how to execute the proper objectives to ensure your network really performs. The benefits far outweigh the costs when it comes to your company's computer network support.

Due Diligence for Company Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions present a complex set of problems for both buyers and sellers on a variety of levels. IT is probably one of the biggest hurdles that the merging companies face. With computer network support for all companies involved, mergers can experience a seamless and comfortable transition. Network Infrastructure Technology's due diligence services include the following:

  • Assistance in IT strategy planning for both buyer and seller
  • Review of current and future IT projects and determine risks of failure
  • Assessment of IT governance organization
  • Review of target's ability to report/analyze key business metrics
  • Identification of critical day-one and post integrations risks
  • Assistance with function-specific IT integration and conversion
  • Advice on project management of function-specific IT infrastructure activities
  • Provide advice regarding evaluation of specific strengths and weaknesses of potential vendors
  • Assistance in defining function-specific systems architecture
  • Development of transition service agreements

Our certified technicians have the highest expertise to give you the right solution at the right time, which ensures the most cost-effective results.

To get the computer network support your company needs, call Network Infrastructure Technology at 888-858-5NIT today.



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