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Networking for the Healthcare Industry

Health-darkLog in to our Health Care Site:

At NIT we understand the unique needs of healthcare, particularly its ever evolving regulations. That along with shrinking profit margins, increasing costs and the challenges of consolidation have forced the healthcare industry to constantly come up with better use of information resources. Once an esoteric function within the organization, Information Technology has become a driver of change and innovation.

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Networking For Financial Institutions

financial-darkLog in to our Financial Industry site:

The sensitive mixture of money and personal information makes it imperative for financial services businesses to have and maintain powerful and well structured networks for data.

Network Infrastructure Technologies has been providing secure, reliable network installation and administration to a number of top financial institutions. Familiar with regulatory procedures and compliance issues, we are able to swiftly execute solutions that work and eliminate any downtime.

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Networking Schools, Colleges & Universities

education-darkIncreasingly academic institutions are expected to improve service through the use of technology thus providing more flexible learning environments that are adaptable to current needs.

To this end, NIT provides complete solutions for improving connectivity between people, data, and systems throughout primary school systems and higher education institutions. We help schools overcome the barriers of enterprise application integration while providing the tools to create powerful new learning environments.

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Personal Services

personal-darkDelivering fast service requires steady and reliable technology. NIT serves hundreds of service companies in the tri-state area. Our task is ensuring your business is uninterrupted-24/7 so that you can continue providing your customers speedy delivery of services and can continue attract customers and grow.

We offer exclusive services for the service industry such as:

  • Unique Systems Backup and Real-time Disaster Recovery of Databases to ensure 100% safe guarding of information
  • Continuous Network Administration to provide smooth and uninterrupted communication and business
  • Network security and seamless monitoring

Networking Media

media-darkThe media industry continues to face challenging times as the dynamics of the information revolution have drastically changed the demands of its audience and its sponsors. It doesn't seem to matter what part of media you are in, data needs to be managed intelligently and needs to be secured while remaining highly mobile. To achieve this, media companies turn to structured IT solutions to provide them with high capacity data storage, secure archiving solutions, network administration and immediate data recovery systems. NIT can help your company solve its unique IT issues while capitalizing on your existing technical investments and resources.